A teak root console with a resin top creates a wonderful and unique piece of furniture.

The combination of the organic and irregular shapes of the teak roots with the modern and elegant look of the resin creates a beautiful contrast. Teak root furniture is unique and visually appealing, showcasing the natural beauty and intricate shapes of teak tree roots.

The teak root console can be placed in the living room, hall, hallway or any other room where you want to add a touch of natural elegance. It can serve as a base for objects such as vases, sculptures or works of art that harmonize with the natural and rustic character of the teak root.

One of the charms of teak root furniture is its uniqueness because each piece is different. Appreciate and display this uniqueness as part of an overall design or as a stand-alone exhibit.

Dimensions: D15″ x W60″ x H31″

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