Dining Bench

Dining Bench


A dining bench made of teak can be a beautiful and durable addition to your dining room. Teak wood is highly valued for its natural beauty due to its grain and durability.

Dining benches can take up less space than chairs, especially in smaller dining rooms. When not in use, they can be stored neatly under the table, saving floor space. They provide a casual and relaxed seating option while dining. They strengthen the sense of closeness and community, facilitating conversation during meals.

Dining benches can be used in various places outside the dining room. They can serve as additional seating in entryways, living rooms and even outdoor spaces, providing flexibility and versatility in your home decor.

Benches are often preferred by families with children because they can accommodate more people in a smaller space. Children may find them more comfortable than traditional chairs, especially during informal family meals.

Dimensions: D12″ x W71″ x H18″

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