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This beautiful dining table is made of one piece of wood forming an L shape. Live Edge is a term used in woodworking and furniture design. Refers to the natural, unaltered edge of a piece of wood, usually from the outer edge of the tree. Living edge preserves the irregularities and natural contours of the wood, such as knots, bark and unique grain patterns. Live edge furniture celebrates the beauty of wood’s natural form
and often reveals its organic imperfections. This will give the finished element a rustic and organic look.

Combining an L-shaped design with the live edge of a dining table can result in a stunning and one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. The live edge adds a touch of nature and rustic charm to the table, and the curved L-shaped shape will make your dining room unique. You won’t find two identical tables.

Dimensions: D 37”- 50”x W 118”x H 30”x T 3”

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